Review Policy Change

As it clearly states on the About page of this blog, I am an author as well as a reviewer. This may not seem important to many people, but in recent months there has been growing concern among some that authors who review books from publishers they also write for are not being honest in their reviews. Since I write for multiple publishers, I have made the difficult decision to change my review policy. Effective immediately, I will no longer accept review requests from authors or publishers, nor will I review books from my publishers. Should this situation ever change, I will reconsider my stance on review requests.

Although I regret that it has come to this, I feel this change is necessary to prevent the possibility of readers becoming suspicious of the quality of the books I review. For anyone concerned about the honesty of the reviews I have posted to date, I can assure you that I have included nothing more or less than my true opinion in each review, an opinion based solely on the contents of the book and my experience reading it.

It is my sincere hope that this culture of suspicion and accusation will one day fade into the background and once again allow authors to review whatever they please without fear. In the meantime, readers, sharing your opinion is more important than ever. Any time you read a book, please consider leaving an honest review of it on your favorite retail site, your blog, Goodreads, etc. I can assure you authors appreciate hearing what their readers think.

Wishing you a year filled with happiness and good books,

E.A. West

Author, reader, & book reviewer


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