Review Policy

Effective January 1, 2013 – The West Corner Reviews will no longer accept review requests from authors or publishers.

Content guidelines

Ms. West only reviews books rated PG and below. This means no graphic sex (sex should only occur off the page and not be referred to in great detail), gratuitous violence, or excessive use of foul language. If there is foul language contained within the book, please mention it in your review request (along with what words and how frequently they are used) so an informed decision can be made about whether to review the book or not. Ms. West will not review books that are degrading to any people group, contain anti-Christian themes, or involve witchcraft. Fiction has a greater chance of being reviewed, although non-fiction is reviewed on rare occasions. Ms. West will review books for middle grade and up, although she prefers books written for teens or adults. Traditionally published books are preferred, but self-published books will also be considered for review.

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