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What’s in Your Closet? by Rhonda Gibson and Stacy Baron

What's in Your Closet cover artTitle: What’s In Your Closet?

Author: Rhonda Gibson & Stacy Baron

Publisher: White Rose Publishing

Book Description:

Emily isn’t looking for love. In fact, it’s the last thing on the young widow’s mind. She’s vowed to focus solely on her daughter. With Megan’s hearing impairment, the toddler has enough to deal with without Emily bringing a new man into the picture—one who undoubtedly wouldn’t be patient with a deaf child not his own.

David doesn’t think he’s looking for love—until he meets Emily. The woman is beautiful inside and out and has a streak of determination that’s matched only by the love she pours out to her adorable daughter. But Emily won’t have anything to do with him outside of his home-decorating project…that is, until she finds an old skeleton in his closet.

Never before has finding skeletons in the closet been a good thing, but solving the mystery of David’s skeleton may just be the blessing that convinces Emily to love him forever.


Young widow and mother Emily Stuart is afraid of getting hurt if she allows a man into her life. She’s even more afraid of her three-year-old daughter, Megan, getting hurt. Because of that fear, she has resigned herself to life alone, at least until Megan is an adult.

David Whitmore recently left Arizona and the high pressure business world to buy an old farm in Oklahoma. When he hires Emily to redo the interior of his new house, he gets more than remodeling in the bargain.

As Emily works on the farmhouse, she and David discover an attraction for each other that neither is willing to admit or even accept. The discovery of a skeleton in a hidden kitchen pantry brings them together as they work to solve the mystery behind it. Though Emily finally admits David has become a friend, fear still prevents her from considering him as anything else. David respects her decision to remain only friends, but he can’t stop his attraction to this beautiful lady with an equally beautiful daughter—both of whom steal his heart no matter how closely he tries to guard it.

Throughout the book, vivid descriptions bring the characters and the story to life, making the reader a participant to the story. A lively cast of secondary characters just adds to the richness of the story. The Christian elements are included in a realistic way that encourages without preaching. With each page, I found myself hoping Emily and David would find a way to get together, and that they would solve the mystery of the skeleton in the closet.

This is a book I recommend to anyone who loves a sweet romance and an intriguing mystery. Though the authors are new to me, I would definitely read more of their books.

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