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After the Fire by Clare Revell

After the Fire cover artTitle: After the Fire

Author: Clare Revell

Publisher: White Rose Publishing, an imprint of Pelican Book Group

Book Description:

Private investigator, Freddie Flynn, wants nothing to do with the man who left her fifteen years ago—or the God he abandoned her for—especially if reports of corruption within high ranking levels of the P.I. firm are true. She might have to accept him as the company V.P., but she doesn’t have to trust him. Jason Bryant knows his leaving to enter the ministry cut Freddie deep, but now he’s returned to Headley Cross and wants to make amends. But Freddie’s different—jaded, distant, distrustful—so what’s he to think when a file claims Freddie is the traitor who’s sabotaging the company? Thrown together on a case that could cost them everything, including their lives, Freddie and Jason must look beyond suspicion and innuendo to catch the real traitor before it’s too late…and maybe, just maybe, they’ll find the love they once shared by listening to the still small voice that comes after the fire.


Freddie Flynn works alone in her job as a private investigator, and she has a reputation for work ethic. When she’s assigned to work on a case with the vice president of the company, she is far from thrilled. Then she finds out the VP is Jason Bryant, the man who broke her heart fifteen years ago. Jason isn’t sure how he’s going to work with the woman he still loves, especially since she makes it clear she hates him, but their boss doesn’t care what their past holds; he just wants them on this case. In order to work it, however, Freddie must give her current caseload to a different investigator—all except for the Rafferty case, which the boss insists on taking himself. Too bad Freddie can’t let it go, since it is so close to completion. Under the guise of a holiday in Cornwall, she works the Rafferty case with Jason at her side, and they uncover far more than expected. Now they must leave behind their past hurts and face the life-changing information they uncover together. But will the current challenges and danger bring them back together or keep them apart?

Clare Revell has written a wonderful Christian mystery in After the Fire. From the beginning, I found myself drawn into the story. The descriptions brought the story to life, and the vibrant characters felt like they could step off the page. Second-chance-at-love stories are always fun to read, and this one did not disappoint. Throughout the story, Jason and Freddie’s easy camaraderie is evident, no matter how much they both try to fight it. Ms. Revell wove a magnificent mystery full of twists and turns that kept me guessing, and the faith elements were seamlessly included in the plot and the characters themselves. I was impressed with the way she portrayed Jason’s quiet yet strong faith, as well as Freddie longing for a strong faith of her own. The quoted Bible verses felt completely natural and fit each situation perfectly.

I highly recommend After the Fire to anyone who loves Christian fiction, sweet romances, and mysteries. This book is definitely a keeper, and I’ll be looking for more books from Clare Revell in the future.


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